After 3 weeks in a row, and the rookies have been dethroned. This week’s “Intern of the Week” is a junior you may not recognize. Without further ado, I give you our newest “Intern of the Week,” junior production intern and my co-big, Molly O’Keeffe (It took me three attempts to spell her last name).

PROD molly o'keeffe

Intern photo or model headshot?? You tell me.

Molly is a junior at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in Advertising and Media & Information. Not one, but TWO majors! Molly thoroughly enjoys spending time in the Com Arts building. As a production intern, Molly is behind-the-scenes technical directing & directing our weekly programs All Access Sports, Meridian Live, and Monday’s edition of Meridian News Now. This girl knows her way around a production room. But who is the woman behind the curtain? Here is a little more about HOMTV’s production star…


1. Similar to her golden mane, her furry family members also have coats of gold. Molly is the proud owner of two goldendoodles, Ellie and Erin.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.41.34 PM

2. Girls got skills! She writes with her left hand but eats and plays sports with the right. Ambidextrous girl!

3. Chi city, is her city. Molly hails from the burbs of Chicago and lives, breathes, and eats Chicago Cubs. Ask her to name off all the Cubs she has met, it is quite the list.

4. Earlier in this post I made a Wizard of Oz reference referring to Molly as the “woman behind the curtain” but she would probably be more fit to play a munchkin! Molly clocks in at a strong 5 ft. tall on a good day. It is probably because her 2 brothers took all the height. Both Mike and Matt are well over 6 ft.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 3.49.31 PM

5. If the last name “O’Keeffe” didn’t give it away, Molly is very Irish (75%) and dreams of visiting the rolling green hills of Ireland during her study abroad this upcoming summer. If your nice, maybe she will bring you back a pot of gold!

6. Molly has 5 lovely roommates that she describes as “crazy.” And she says once you meet them you will understand.

They really are lovely ladies.

They really are lovely ladies.

7. Even with an internship, and two majors Molly still manages to squeeze time in for hours of Netflix. One of her all time favorite series is Sons of Anarchy that she watched with one of her HOMTV friends. You can find them debating the symbolism of the homeless woman in the intern room.

8. Direct quote, “cats scare me.”

9. When Molly isn’t watching Netflix, studying, or running around HOMTV she likes to watch her favorite film, Tammy. And she feels a deep special connection to the film’s actress, Melissa McCarthy.


Molly’s Goals: 

“I would love to direct a live television show, ideally a talk show in New York or Los Angeles. I would also love to work on the set of a game show because GSN (game show network) is low-key one of my favorite TV channels ever.”

Molly’s Favorite Part of HOMTV: 

“One of my favorite parts about interning at HOMTV is directing All Access Sports every week. I have become a lot more confident in my directing skills as weeks go by and continue to learn and grow every week at HOMTV. My other favorite part is working with all the other interns. We all get along very well and it wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t around.”

Well all, I wish I could say this was it but we have barely scratched the surface that is Molly O’keeffe. To find out more follow her on her social media accounts and check out all of her work on HOMTV!

Twitter, Blog, Youtube

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 4.07.31 PM

Who will be the next intern of the week?? Make sure to Facebook and tweet us your guess on Wednesday!


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