The Story about HOMTV and Homies

How I got admitted?

Actually I am not sure. I applied for HOMTV twice and wasn’t accepted until the second time. Both of the interviews were conducted by HOMTV’s communications director Deborah Guthrie and the internship coordinator Brandie Yates. I think my working experience in the China Central Television Station and my multimedia journalism works helped me get the position.

What interns did here?

We performed as professional journalists at HOMTV.

The internship coordinator Brandie Yates assigned us with story ideas and we covered the events. Then we came back to the station and edited our footage into a complete video news package or VOSOTVO (a broadcast style which you write script for anchors with an interview from a professional on the topic). We also wrote online stories and promoted them through Facebook, Twitter and HOMTV’s website. On average, I produced three stories a week and have completed more than 30 articles near the end of the semester.

So far my (officially) favorite story is about the female veteran exhibit because the event may change the idea that only men serve in the military and a visitor said it inspired women through the stories of outstanding servicewomen.

My (personally) favorite stories are about the MSU Science Festival (one is a pre-event story), because I finally learned how to report on site comfortably and confidently regardless of background noise and people’s curious looks.


In addition, we reported live for Meridian Township meetings. Specifically speaking, we, as reporters, told the audience what topics and issues would be discussed before the meetings started and summarized the results of the meetings at end.

Usually there was a meeting packet on the government website and we could look through it and organized our words. Once, a meeting started earlier than scheduled. I hadn’t prepared well but when the camera was on, I just began reporting, trying my best to recall what I saw in the packet. The HOMTV video programmer Brandon Wirth told me I did a good job and that it was common in the broadcasting industry that journalists didn’t have enough time to prepare. You have to finish your work with time pressure.

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.26.19 PM

We also took turns to host HOMTV’s “Meridian News Now” (a weekly program covering Township news, events and sports), which is one of my favorite parts of the internship. Because I looked professional with the help of makeup, studio light and the teleprompter in the show.

Throughout the internship, Brandie Yates would give guidance to our interviews and provide critiques to our work. Darkus Beasley is our technical consultant. Whatever problems we met in shooting or editing the videos, we turned to her for help. We called her the “interns’ angel” in private.

Who are the homies?

Homie is the nick name for the people who work at HOMTV. I have made friends with a lot of homies. We made mistakes and improvement together. We helped and encouraged each other. We shared happiness and worries.  Sometimes work was heavy and life was hard, but with the company of my homies, I felt I was not alone.

I have to thank Camile Macomb in particular because she rescued me several times when I met troubles and couldn’t finish my assignments, despite the fact that she had another job and herself was extremely busy. We both seemed a bit quiet in the “noisy room” (our intern room) but we had a lot to talk when we were together. I have invited her and anyone else who are interested to visit me in China!

I also felt grateful to other homies because I bothered them a lot to read through my scripts. I was worried that I would come up with some weird words as a non-native English speaker.

In a word, this internship is a valuable experience for me. I put what I learned from school into practical use and learned more from the actual work. I never regret taking this chance to learn, to feel and to grow.

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