The End of an Era


It’s so close… only a week away at this point.  This semester has really had its fair share of ups and downs and some rather stressful days and weeks… I’ve realized I packed a lot on my plate this semester, but it all worked out in the end and I still somehow have my sanity.

I’ll be taking my talents back home to Detroit for the summer, with an internship at WDIV (channel 4) in the sports department.  I’m more than excited to have this opportunity.  Working with sports is my ultimate goal and I’m so grateful to experience it  in a top 15 market.  Also, the internship is paid!  Which is icing on the already delicious cake.

This semester has been great hosting Beyond the Badge.  I want to thank Aaron Jordan for everything he’s done, as well as Mallory DuBose.  Mallory spent a lot of time post editing and getting the shows ready on time and I really thank you all for everything.

I have also loved anchoring sports for News Now!  I love putting energy into the broadcasts and talking about what I love most.  I’m still learning, but I’ve become more comfortable in front of the camera and more comfortable on air.  I was also able to anchor News Now alongside Sierra!  Not gonna lie, I’m pretty sure we killed it.  My jab at Buddy’s owner at the end during the “Pet of the Week” segment was one of the highlights of my year, and my fraternity brothers all found it pretty hilarious.  Well, except the owner of course…

I was also the philanthropy chair of my fraternity this semester and we had by far the most successful philanthropic semester to date.  We raised over 11k and counting, and also were able to send a child to Disney World. But not after meeting Coach Dantonio and Coach Izzo first!  Check out the state news article about it!

That might have been the highlight of my college career right there.  Meeting Tom Izzo and Mark Dantonio while also creating an incredible experience for Isaac.

Although at times I have felt like I was drowning in life, my experience this year at HOMTV has been priceless.  I would not be anywhere near the position I am today had it not been for my internship here.  I have learned so much more here than I have in my time at school.

Thank you to everyone who has made this experience worthwhile!’

That’s all for this edition of Brett’s Blog,

I’m Brett Kast… Thanks for reading.


About brettkast

I am a junior at Michigan State University pursuing a degree in Journalism with a specialization in Sports Reporting. I am currently a Reporter at HOMTV, and before that I worked at Impact 89FM Sports, a student run radio station as the Michigan State Baseball beat reporter and Co-Host of the baseball podcast. My dream is to become a Sports Reporter at a local news network and work my way up to ESPN.
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