That’s A (Almost) Wrap

This week marks the last week of my internship at HOMTV. It also marks my last week as a student at Michigan State University. To be honest, I’m tired of hearing the word “last.”

But with every “last” comes a new beginning.

I can say I’m definitelyScreenshot 2015-05-03 22.18.15 better prepared for my new beginning because of my internship at HOMTV. I came in with a very slim knowledge of editing and shooting and consider myself to be competent in these areas now.

Just like Kobe Bryant shoots free throws at the gym at ungodly hours of the day to better his skill, I would edit at ungodly hours of the day to better mine.  I was tired, exhausted and stressed out almost every week, but it’s been worth it. I can see the improvement in my editing, shooting and on-camera abilities. I can only hope others see my growth and effort as well.

HOMTV has also shown me what it means to be a community, and morephoto importantly, how important of a role sports can play in shaping the lives of said community. One week, I was telling the stories of Okemos and Haslett softball players Kaleigh King and Erin Panter. The next week, I was covering a baseball doubleheader and nursing the worst sunburn I’ve ever received as a result of filming during peak UV hours. The week after, I was sitting down in the HOMTV studio to interview the Okemos 5th grade girls basketball team. At HOMTV, I was able to be a voice for teams, athletes, coaches, fans and athletic directors–getting their stories out to the public. Let me tell you, there was nothing greater for me than hearing that a coach, athletic director, player or parent enjoyed a story I did on their team.

The best part of working at HOM–besides developing new skills–was bonding with the HOMies, a.k.a. the othphoto (1)er HOMTV interns. All the HOMies are a genuinely nice group of people who want to see each other succeed and are always willing to dish out advice or give someone else a sip of their precious Diet Coke (shoutout to Julie Dunmire).  I know that when I leave, I won’t miss the windowless intern room, but I’ll miss the people in it: Chance McBride always poking fun at me, Richie Cozzolino and his willingness to help me with my tech problems, Chris Ryan and his baseball quizzes, venting sessions with Julie, and reliving the past on Facebook with Miguel Martinez-Valle and Brett Kast.

Thank you, HOMTV, for helping me to become a more well-rounded journalist and for all the wonderful people I’ve met. It’s been real, but now it’s time to say goodbye… only after taping new episodes of Meridian News Now and All Access Sports, of course.

That’s a (almost) wrap!


About alextekip

I am a senior at Michigan State University pursing a degree in journalism with a focus on sports reporting. I currently work for Big Ten Network Student U, The MSU School of Journalism and HOMTV. I am a huge bookworm who loves baseball, Detroit and bike riding. Some of my specialities include telling bad jokes and eating cookies.
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