We saved one of the last coveted positions of HOMTV “Intern of the Week” for one of the best. This intern does not only shine in front of the camera, he is a master of behind the scenes as well. HOMTV’s one man show and our next intern of the week is none other than junior intern, Richie Cozzolino!

PROD richie cozzolinoMagic man, Richie Cozzolino is a senior at Michigan State University looking to learn anything and everything about broadcasting. He is a Journalism major with a broadcasting concentration, currently working as both a reporter and a producer for HOMTV while also interning for WDBM-FM in East Lansing. With that resume, we think he is on the right track…read more background facts about Richie HERE! Stay here to learn more about the broadcast extraordinaire.

Fun Facts about Richie 

1. If you couldn’t guess by the extremely ambiguous last name, Richie hails from the land of leather and gelato, Italy! Sticking to his Italian roots he is a pizza connoisseur and is Little Caesars’ number one fan. He will claim to be starting his diet tomorrow…everyday and claims it took him 20 years to discover that a pickle is a cucumber.

2. He is considers his dog his best friend.


I would like to point out that this is Richie’s only profile picture on Facebook…

3. Richie is also passionate about Detroit sports and he wants everyone to know he has a signed Pavel Dastyuk game stick.

4. Direct quote, “I work at impact DJing on Thursday afternoons where I drop funky fresh beats.” image1

5. He compares his dance moves on Friday nights to the likes of Shakira.

6. Richie thinks he is cool because he is left-handed.

7. Richie hails from St. Clair Shores and misses the water when he is in East Lansing.

8. Our big time sports reporter isn’t very athletic. He says he tries really hard to be athletic but fails brilliantly and usually hurts himself.

9. Richie, (real name Ricardo-family name) has visited the motherland and met his cousins for the first time.

Ricardo’s Goals: 

I’d like to work in Detroit for a sports station. I always wanted to do talk sports radio. One day I’ll be funny and entertaining.”

Ricardo’s Favorite Part of HOMTV: 

Don’t see it as a job. That’s the part of the profession that I love. Turning a story that’s well done in a short amount of time gives a really good sense of accomplishment. Also covering MSU football games is cool too.”

Ricardo’s Favorite Story: 

“Election night at HOMTV in 2014. It was fun watching everyone work together to do…something. That or football but election night sounds more official.”


That’s HOMTV shining star Richie Cozzolino! To find out more, follow him on his social media accounts and check out all of his work on HOMTV!

Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube.


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