The Final Entry

My time at HOMTV is coming to a close. And now is a truly bittersweet moment. As I enter my last week of the internship, and my college career, the memories of my experiences earlier in the semester come rushing back to me.

  • HOMies for lifeThe nervousness I felt during my interview
  • The nervousness and excitement I felt on my first day
  • The pride I felt after completing each assignment for the first time, and after each production
  • And the moments I have shared with my fellow interns and other people who work at HOMTV

This has truly been a valuable experience. My editing has improved, and I have made leaps and bounds in my animation skill set. My camera work has improved as well, and my confidence in my abilities has grown.

I feel like working for HOMTV has helped to prepare me for the future, and I feel safer entering into the crazy world of film and television now more than I would have otherwise.

Thank you to Brandie, Deb, Darkus, Coty, Brandon, and Andrea for having faith in me and mentoring me. Thanks to my bigs for doing so as well. And thank you to all of the other interns for your help, encouragement, and for making HOM a fun place to be.

I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavors. Even when this is over and I set out on my next journey, I will always remember you.


About Chrystaline Decker

Chrystaline is a senior at Michigan State University studying media and information with a concentration in cinema, TV, and radio. Before becoming a promotions and marketing intern at HOMTV, she previously worked as an editor for the Graduate Women in Science’s MSU chapter. As an intern she looks forward to expanding her skill set, making connections, and gaining hands on experience in the television industry. She dreams of working in film and television, and has her eyes set on Disney and Marvel.
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