Siobhan Findlay

Hello all!

My name’s Siobhan and most people call me Shiv. I guess I will just start with the most basic information. I grew up in Harrison Township (metro Detroit) and currently am a Senior at MSU. In high school I pretty much spent all of my time on one sports team or another playing volleyball or basketball, which probably isn’t surprising given my height.

I’m generally a really indecisive person so I didn’t choose the Media and Information major at MSU until the beginning of my sophomore year. It started as an interest in video production because i’ve been a photographer for about 5 years. The initial interest in video led me more into realizing that I  want to take the role of a producer.

When i’m not working you will most likely find me on a hiking trail or random adventure somewhere. I love to just go see something that I haven’t seen yet, and spend as much time as I can outside. During the school year I go on trips with the MSU outdoor club, and really want to make more outdoor sporting videos. Also, a lot of time during the school year is spent at IMPACT 89fm, where I am involved with the sports video team, the music video team, and do photography for sports. I have loved my time spent at IMPACT and enjoy shooting/editing shows that we go to throughout the year. I also enjoy cooking, and eating. I cook and eat a lot. Other than that you can find me doing photography. I do a lot of portraits, event photography, and lately i’ve been trying to just do more documentary of  SM63

things that I see everyday. The photo above was from a really great spot in the Smoky Mountains!

I can’t think of any more information that explains me better than what I’ve already said, so I guess this is the end of my post!


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