Sweet Caroline

Hey there! I’m Caroline Mizuki. Here is a little bit about me. I’m from Shelby Township, Michigan, endearingly called “the Twp.”, where there is literally a CVS on every corner. I am a senior at Michigan State University studying International Relations and Comparative Cultures and Politics through James Madison College with a minor in French.


So, how did a public policy student find her way to a TV station? Ever since I can remember I’ve wondered what I want to do with my life. First, I wanted to be a veterinary doctor in preschool because I LOVE my dog. Then I realized there are some pretty difficult things that you have to do as a vet, so out with that option! Heavy stuff for a kindergartner you see. So now fast-forward to MSU. I picked James Madison because I like the program, but felt limited career wise. For the first two yeas of my time here I thought I would either have to pursue law or go into some sort of career sitting in a cubicle researching topics for new policies for the rest of my life. While I love studying policy, I found that I enjoyed looking at their effects and how they are presented much more than forming them. Then I thought, where do I hear about politics most? Media! And viola, I decided it was time to get some experience so I can begin blending and intersecting my studies in public policy with the role of media and its impact on everyday events. This is how I came to be a Social Media and Promotions Intern at HOMTV.

Here are some random things about me. In my spare time I like to browse Pinterest for cool decorating ideas, recipes, cute animal pins of course and places to travel. So far, I’ve visited Canada (yes, I’m listing it), Japan, France, Italy, Vatican City, Monaco and Turkey. One of my life goals is to visit every continent. Yes, my favorite song is Sweet Caroline… Just kidding, but it is the song that has been sung to me most. This summer I’m trying to get back in that exercise groove. Now I don’t know about all of you, but this chick hates exercising for the sake of exercising. Instead, I like to go swimming, kayaking and play volleyball. Also, anytime I see multiple hashtags next to each other I read then in one long stream while progressively increasing in volume and speed in my head. I don’t know why I do this but give it a try sometime. #blog#SweetCaroline#ImReadingThisLouder#ImReadingThisFaster#SeeThisIsFun.



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