Advice for the Rookie Class of Summer, 2015

Dear Rookie Interns,

Welcome to HOMTV! As you begin your first semester here, I have some advice for you as you get started.

Be prepared for late nights in the intern room
You know those nights where you are stuck in the intern room late at night, editing your story or promo? Well, maybe not yet, but you will! Don’t worry, it’s honestly not that bad, especially if you are working with a fun group of people. Take this group from the rookie class of Summer, 2014 as an example:


From rockin’ out to ’90s music to demolishing a Hot ‘N Ready Pizza, we were able to work late into the night and come out with just as much sanity as we came in with. But in case the ’90s music and camaraderie aren’t enough to get you through the night…

Develop a strong relationship with caffeine
I’m not sure how anyone can make it through college without an IV of caffeine sometimes, but, trust me, whether you have that early day shift or a late night editing, caffeine will come through clutch.

Crazy things happen in broadcast
Seriously. The teleprompter could not work during a broadcast, your mic could fail, or, if you’re like me, you could forget to say your name at the end of the broadcast.

Be prepared to roll with the punches.

Your fellow interns will become family.
Seriously. Whether it’s those late-night editing parties, countless hours at night meetings, or even just during your day shifts, you will be spending a lot of time around each other. Embrace it! We do like to have a lot of fun here. From our HOMTV Fantasy Football league (Champion: Yours Truly) or the HOMTV March Madness bracket challenge, or simply going out for a meal after a meeting, HOMTV will become your work family, very quickly.

(We also began updating the standings for March Madness on Meridian News Now. Considering I had a horrible bracket this year, I kinda wish Richie wouldn’t have revealed my place on-air…)

And, speaking of family…

Returners are resources. Use them!
I would not have made it through the rookie semester if I didn’t get some help here and there. We’re here for you! Whether it’s wondering who in the township you should talk to, advice for how to write a script, whatever you need, don’t be afraid to call, text or come up to us and ask!

For more advice for writing scripts and how to avoid cliches…

Follow @TiredTVTerms on Twitter
In addition to all of your fellow HOMies and township twitter accounts, follow @TiredTVTerms. Seriously. Not only are they one of the more amusing twitter accounts, professionals in the industry will tweet at them with words/phrases that they suggest avoiding when writing scripts. For example…


HOMTV is what you make it
This internship can be one of the most rewarding internships you’ll do. I’ve honestly learned so much here and owe a lot to HOMTV. From covering breaking news to being able to interview the Lieutenant Governor live on Election Night, I cannot thank HOMTV enough for the opportunities. You will have opportunities of your own that will be invaluable to your resume. Seize them. Seize every opportunity you get here, and run with it. Or, to quote a show many of us grew up watching…

Seriously. Mistakes will happen. Learn from them. This is how you will get better.

And if that’s not motivation enough…

Welcome to HOMTV. I’m excited to work with you.

And, as always, You Stay Classy, Meridian Township.


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