Bonnie Zhang

Hi. EveryonWeChat_1433122160e. I am Bonnie Zhang. I am from Beijing China. I will be a senior student for next school year at Michigan State University major in adverting and minor in public relations. I had work experience both in marketing department at Cisco System and PR position at Aviareps Agency.

It’s so excited to be a new rookie in social media and promotion track at HOMTV. I never had experiences in a TV station, and it’s totally new for me. I was curious everything in a TV station, and it has A LOT to learn.

WeChat_1433121389My first challenge was the camera. I thought the camera would be the SLR camera, but it actually was a professional news camera. The camera has tons of buttons on it, which was always confused me. It was a really hard process to learn how to use the camera and it took me long time to remember the different buttons. I think the most interesting part was that adjust the write balance. It was amazing to switch camera’s shooting color with a write board. I have more confidence with camera now, and I shoot short videos last Thursday. Although those videos only use basic video shooting skills, I think at least I know how to use the camera.

The difficulties not only the camera, control room also confused me. The control room has different part to control different staff, like video and audio. I’m really not good at electrical device, so the control room kind of scared me. Fortunately, I only need to know how control the audio for my social media intern.

This is really interesting to learn how to operate different device in a TV station. Although something is hard for me, I enjoy to learn new staffs and to challenge myself. I am so glad I can spend my summer with HOMTV.

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