Kendall Maxwell

Hello everyone! My name is Kendall but family and friends like to call me Kenny. I just finished my junior year at Central Michigan University and I absolutely love being a chip. I’m from Farmington, MI and went to Farmington High School. I used to play volleyball all throughout my life on club teams and in high school and it is one of my biggest passions. I’m the youngest of four girls and I love spending time with my sisters more than anything.


blogpic1Last year, I got the opportunity to travel abroad in Cusco, Peru taking a journalism class. That trip began my passion for story telling through video and traveling. I’ve been passionate about production and video editing ever since I can remember. I use to steal the family video recorder and run off to make little news shows with my friends. From that point on, I always knew I wanted to work with video. My dream job would either be in entertainment news, sports news, or working for the food channel, because who doesn’t love food (:

blogpic2Besides loving video production, I am a HUGE Detroit Tigers fan. I’ll take any bit of free time I get to catch a glimpse of a game or head down to commerica park to enjoy a game the right way. My friends are huge music festival junkies and because of fomo (fear of missing out) I found a love for music festivals myself. I love coming together with a group of my close friends and dancing the night away! When I’m not watching the tigers, dancing the night away, or working with video, you’ll find me in Lake City, MI. My favorite place in the entire world is my little family cottage. There is truly nothing like northern Michigan in the summer time. Lake City brought my love for being outdoors and any kind outdoor activity. I love to wakeboard, kayak, swim, and explore. Some more of my favorite things are Harry Potter, any and all chocolate ever, pure barre, Chinese food, and german shepherds.

I hope you have a good idea about who I am and what I love! Until next time.


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