It was all a dream like Biggie said it’d be

I’m not that big into introductions but since I have more than 140 characters I’ll make the most of it. My government name is Spencer Wayne Ray but the name is not said all together like Neil Patrick Harris or Sarah Jessica Parker. I’m from the one, and only Kalamazoo, Michigan. Currently, I’m a senior Journalism/Media Information Technology double major at Michigan State University. I grew up watching ESPN because my had it on the tube all of the time which sparked my interest in sports media and television. When I was a junior in high school I dabbled into radio broadcasting through KRESA’s Education or Employment program (still don’t know what KRESA stands for) and wrote sports opinion pieces for my school paper (for those into details I graduated Portage Northern High School). That year was the spark in my life that I needed because I had as much direction as a broken compass. Senior year of high school was the same ole’, same ole’ with writing and rocking the mic; if you’re wondering, my old on-air name was Ray Ray Nasty.

Oh yeah, and during my senior I applied to MSU, got accepted somehow and declared journalism as my major.  I picked MSU because it was away from Kalamazoo and had a solid journalism program. At MSU, I landed a job working with Big Ten Network doing live sports production and brought my radio skills to IMPACT 89FM, the on-campus radio station at MSU. I worked my way up the ranks to become host of “The Cultural Vibe” which is a four-hour live hip-show every Saturday night, which is my platform to play my favorite genre of music. My on-air name changed to DJ Spenny which was given to me by the former host of the show because DJ names are given, not chosen. RIP Ray Ray Nasty.

Celebrating MSU's 2013 Big Ten Championship in football.

Celebrating MSU’s 2013 Big Ten Championship in football.

Enough about my past, I could talk about it all day. How and why did I end up at HOMTV? Well, my high school radio teacher Mark Monk, who knows some people that know some people at HOMTV, told me to get involved here while I was at MSU. During my sophomore year I applied and got shot down but I wasn’t discouraged because I was still a young tadpole. When this past spring rolled around it was a different story, I was offered an internship and accepted it. I’m gaining experience this summer via the reporting track. I’m pumped and nervous at the same time but it’s all good because my work ethic can get me anywhere.

Like most people that have body temperature’s roughly in the 90s, I have hobbies. Sports are fun to watch but even more fun to play and Hockey is something I enjoy the most in my free time. The sound that is heard when your skates dig into the ice as you make you strides brings me closer to Nirvana. My second favorite part of hockey is deke-ing a goalie on a breakaway or shootout, it’s a chess match in itself and seeing the puck meet twine after a fancy move or two is liberating.

One of my early dangle victims on the ice.

One of my early dangle victims on the ice.

Off the ice, I love cooking for myself and others. And I’m not talking about heating up some Tyson chicken tenders or following a Betty Crocker recipe. I’m talking about cooking Ahi Tuna steaks, pasta form scratch, and even bagels. The Food Network has probably become one of the most watched channel on my television.

I made some lamb burgers once.

I made some lamb burgers once.

When college is all said and done, I will pursue a job in sports radio or television. My dream job is to have my own show similar to Dan Patrick, because he is the epitome of great sports talk. That’s enough about me for one post and you will hear more from me in the future.

My hockey family made it on ESPN!

My hockey family made it on ESPN!

P.S. If you understand the allusion from the title then give yourself some dap.

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