Meet Andrea Urban


Well hey there! I’m Andrea Agathe(pronounced ahh-gah-thee) Urban. My middle name sounds funky because I am Greek. I was named after my Yiayia, which means grandma. Sad to say, I am now officially a senior at Michigan State University. I have never realized how much I could love a place until I came to East Lansing. I was born in Sarasota, Florida, but was raised in a northwest suburb of Chicago called Geneva. Family is everything to me. My older brother is my best friend and my parent’s continue to inspire me each and everyday. I grew up around sports. My dad coached my brother in baseball and I was the annoying little sister who sat in the dugout just for the bubble gum and sunflower seeds. Following in my mothers footsteps, I  played volleyball. Volleyball was such a huge part of my life that when I came to Michigan State, I joined the MSU Club Volleyball team for two years. I decided to study Sports Journalism at MSU because of how much sports mean to me.


I love adventures. I love traveling. I have been lucky to have the opportunity to travel around the world. I studied abroad in the United Kingdom last year and throughout my life I have traveled to different cities within the United States. I love to travel because I always learn something new about myself or the place I am in, it’s always a worthwhile experience. I love food, a lot of food. I am not picky what so ever when it comes to food because any food is good food. That’s my motto. I also love to work out and be active. Since I don’t play volleyball anymore I like to stay healthy by doing yoga, hiking, dancing,  playing sports intramurally, lifting weights, and never running, ever. 


My friends are everything to me and I appreciate them everyday for accepting my weirdness. Without this sounding crazy, I love superheroes, specifically Spiderman. When I was seven-years-old I rode a ride at Universal Studios and I was convinced Spiderman had saved my life. From that day forward he became my small obsession. I wish superheroes were in our world right now saving the day. Oh and I hate coconut. Now I mean everything coconut. The smell, the taste, and even the sight of it! Please don’t give me anything with coconut in it or I will cry. I will. I talk a lot, if you haven’t noticed, which is why I’m a journalist, which is also why I am here! I can not wait to broaden my skills at HOMtv, this summer will be great!

At this point I’ve talked enough and now it’s your turn to get to know me! I’m looking forward to it!

With love,


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