Meet Maryssa

My first assignment of the HOMtv internship, and it is technically already past due the 9 am deadline. Typical. If there is one thing I learn from this internship this summer, it will be regarding time management. I will be graduating from Michigan State University this August after I finish my last two classes. The fact that I saved two university requirements usually completed by MSU students in their second year for the summer after I walked in my cap and gown and accepted my imaginary diploma speaks for my personality. But usually my go-with-the-flow nature leads me to exciting and valuable opportunities. That’s how I stumbled across the HOMtv internship, actually. After speaking with a HOMtv alumni/friend, Julie Dunmire, I applied on a whim on the last day of hiring period. This summer, I am determined to add some structure to my free-floating personality.

The HOMtv office is completely new to me. I’m totally new to first, the news environment. I have taken no journalism classes, and I’m already learning a lot about the writing behind the scenes for news programs HOMtv produces. I’m also fresh on the television production scene. I opted for the production track for the HOMtv internship because I want to learn the basics behind producing television media. Writing, shooting, editing, directing, producing… There is so much to learn! In addition to no experience with news or the television industry, this is my first internship. It is a new experience to dedicate a huge amount of my time for no compensation other than experience and knowledge. Prior to now, I have always worked for money or a grade. I am excited to see all of my hard work pay off when I finally start learning valuable skills and information that will help me start my career.

Last Thursday, thirteen of us squeezed our selves into the cramped sardine can of a room that is deemed the control room at HOMtv. We all crowded around the sound board, switchboard, teleprompter controls, and engineering system as Darkus explained the basic controls that we would be learning and dealing with as production interns at HOMtv. It was by far my favorite day so far. The countless buttons, dials, switches, and levers provided me with a new challenge I am determined to master. I am so excited to learn the ins and outs from everyone who is willing to teach me.

I’m loving all my HOMies so far and I can already tell this summer is going to be one of the best yet.

Better late than never (unless it’s news),


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