Summer at HOMTV means…..

Here is my new headshot for HOMTV! I can’t wait to be back for a while before I study abroad. This week I’m taking on the anchor desk twice for Meridian News Now. I have been looking over other reporter’s reels and anchoring techniques. One thing I’ve really noticed is how my packages have differed over the last year. The first package is mine from last May compared to this May…Check it out!

prof pic

One of my first stories for HOMTV last summer…

Compared to my latest…

I’m excited for the new rookies to get a taste of the intern life. It is definitely a challenge to balance your time, but is worth every second. The amount you learn and can take away from this internship is priceless. I can say it is always a challenge to accomplish everything on time, but it is an accurate depiction of real life.

I’m looking forward to learning more from my peers and bettering my self every day. Best of luck to my new friends & coworkers 🙂

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