Summer, take 2

Hello honey, I’m HOM.

That’s right! I’m back at HOMTV after a semester off. So let’s catch up.

I spent the spring semester gallivanting off in New York City. I wasn’t allowed to say anything about it before, but I can now: I was interning at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart! It was an amazing experience, and I learned so much about how this field operates on a much bigger scale. It’s a pretty fantastic process to see. I also learned how to survive and actually flourish in the big city (always avoid a completely empty subway car, and don’t even think about trying to catch a cab between 8 and 9 am. You’ll never win that fight). I think I definitely brought home some newly adopted New York attitude.


I’ve got a picture of my name in the credits! I got pretty excited about that.

Enough about New York. Let’s talk about HOMTV.

I came back here because I wanted to jump back into the hands-on work atmosphere. I already have a giant list of things that I want to do, and I’m really excited about being busy with this kind of work again. That’s always been one of my favorite things about HOMTV, by the way. The staff presents every single intern with countless opportunities to work on assignments that hone their basic and advanced skills. That is honestly one of the most important things to do in this field. Keep yourself sharp. Don’t stop working just because you think you’re good at it now. You have to keep yourself in the game, and HOMTV is a perfect place to keep at it.

I don’t have much more to say, given that it’s 12:30 AM and I am 100% wrapped up in a blanket burrito. But I want to say a quick hello and welcome to all of the new interns! I’m so happy to have y’all here and I’m excited to be working with you guys. I know the first month of this internship can be completely hectic, so if you have any questions or need help with anything, please don’t hesitate to ask!

It feels good to be back in East Lansing. I especially love the fact that the air doesn’t have the overpowering scent of garbage mixed with urine (I’m looking at you, NYC). Goodnight friends. And as always…

Stay fresh.



About hannahtcook

Videographer. Editor. Production intern at HOMTV 21. East Lansing, Michigan.
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