Back in the Saddle.

We were out for three weeks.

We were short-staffed.

We had nearly a month to get our stories together.

That didn’t stop a majority of us from panicking five minutes before the show came went live.

But we’re back! Back in the saddle, back in the live shot! Back with about 20% of the returning cast and a whole host of new faces I haven’t known long enough to remember.


But there we were. Aaron, Sierra and I and we all finished our first show of News Now exhausted, emotionally drained, but happy and full of a sense of completion. Reading a script in front of ten people is notably harder than reading a script to 10 people through a television screen.

In other news, I finished another semester feature story covering a high school athlete. Last semester I covered some lovely Okemos hockey and their great season. They finished fourth in the state. Shoutout to Louma, Bullock and Faustyn 5 months later for letting me bother you with an interview. I still feel strange entering a person’s life and telling their story. As with the story of Blake and the Grewal’s (you can check that story here:, apparently I have a propensity for Okemos sports. Sorry Haslett. Another thanks for letting them invade their life for a game or two. Another Chieftain sport entering the final four for their state competition.

Aside from sports, things are predictably unpredictable at work.  I’m absolutely never bored. New bestie (according to her) Camille brought in her selfie stick. Then proceeded to take pictures of half the staff. Chris re-edited a script for air about six times, and we learned what the Minnesota fight song is for work. Another hard day.

Looking forward to getting to know the rookies and showing them that I’m not just a gorgeous face in my dad’s suit. I think I know a thing or two. Whether they believe me or not…

Until that time, we’re back.

Back in the saddle, back in the studio.


About Richie Cozzolino

Riccardo (Richie) Cozzolino is a Michigan State University graduate with a Journalism degree and a specialization in broadcasting. He is from the Metro Detroit area and graduated from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School in 2011. His love of Detroit sports (and sports of all kinds) sparked his interest in sports journalism. He is looking for jobs in sports broadcasting, especially in radio. Hobbies include learning and eating.
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