Well finally I figured out technology; getting to know Jazmin

Sometimes I have issues with the most simple of assignments. I couldn’t figure out how to post on the actual HOMtv blog, rather then my own. I’m smart I promise.

So a little bit about me; I am a student at Central Michigan University, majoring in Broadcasting and Political Science, and I will also acquire a Social Media Certificate from the school. I plan to graduate in December of 2017, ugh. Who wants to graduate in the winter? Not me, maybe I will delay it… Either way, I’m involved with News Central 34, CMUs news station, as an anchor, producer and reporter. I am employed at WCMU as a reporter, the station is an NPR affiliate. If I am honest I feel cool about it, even though the job was really easy to get. I also work with WMHW radio stations as a reporter for the daily newscasts and helping to start and continue a weekly hour long show called Central Beat, with news, sports and features.

I enjoy watching Vice News, CNN, C-SPAN and listening to NPR. I also like to read booka that are or will be movies or shows. I am a Game of Thrones junkie, I’m obsessed with Marvel and DC Movies. Batman is my definitely favorite, The Dark Knight series, but I like Marvel more if that makes sense? I love director Wes Anderson and old films that are black and white. My favorite band is A Day to Remember. I really like electronic music, The Beatles, other boy bands, Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Miley Cyrus, Ella Fitzgerald, basically everything except like weird stuff…

My favorite thing in the entire world is my dog, Toby. He just turned a year old and he is my child and I’m a crazy dog mom. Don’t judge me but he is so cute…here!


Anyway- I like to believe I am a very accepting person, who wants to get along with all. I want to change media in the sense that “if it bleeds it leads.” I believe that the people should know exactly what the government is doing. Along with the good news in the world. If we are surrounded by bad news how are we supposed to look forward?

I’m a nerd, I’m nice, get to know me.

(Here is me being a nerd, in Disney, at 8.)


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