I Did That???

If you would have asked me three weeks ago how to turn on a camera, shoot footage and edit for video, I wouldn’t of had a clue. But just last week, I completed my first two assignments here at HOMTV.

One assignment was to put together a VO/SOT/VO (or a short 45-second piece) for Meridian News Now Update on the Smart Commute Challenge. It was a great first experience. For those of you who don’t know, the Smart Commute Challenge is a free program designed by the Mid-Michigan Environmental Action Council that encourages residents to reduce their carbon footprint, increase physical activity, and engage in some friendly competition. Residents do so by joining teams and counting how many times they make smart commutes. A smart commute can be anything from riding your bike to work, walking to the post office, taking the bus to the grocery store, and so on. It just has to be any purposeful trip that does not include one driver operating one motor vehicle.

Rick Brown on Bike

I met and interviewed Rick Brown, Community Planning & Development Associate Planner, about the program and how he participates every year. He shared with me how he rides his bike to work every day. Talking to Rick inspired me to be more active and become a better advocate for the environment.

My second assignment was to cover the annual Celebrate Downtown Okemos event for our Monday show, Meridian News Now. This event was much bigger than what I originally anticipated. It lasted all day from 10 in the morning until 11 at night! There was live music and dance performances, a 5K race, a 1-mile Fun Run, a beer and wine tent, an arts and crafts show, food from local restaurants, an inflatable obstacle course, and rides for the little ones.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.59.12 PMOn my way home that night from editing at the studio, I had a sense of relief and accomplishment. Looking back on everything I’ve done so far during this internship, I was proud of what I’ve accomplished for not ever having any reporting experience. I went from not knowing how to turn on a camera to shooting all my footage, conducting interviews, writing script, and editing it using Final Cut Pro. I also reported LIVE last week at the Planning Commission meeting! I was a nervous wreck in the beginning, but it ended up going really well. The audience front row must have known I was nervous because they said “Good job!” and clapped for me when I was finished.

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 3.55.09 PMI’ll be honest, there is still a TON more I need to learn and get better at, but that expertise will come with much more time, practice, and a whole lot of patience. But until then, I’m so happy to say that I’ve come this far… and it’s all thanks to my fellow HOMies and staff for teaching and pushing me to be the very best I can be. If I can learn to do all of that in just a short few weeks, I can’t wait to see what the next few weeks will bring.

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One Response to I Did That???

  1. Ann Smith says:

    Great job Abbers. So proud of you!

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