HOM is always the place that I can find my heart

Work defines people’s life, and HOM makes you to find your heart.–After two weeks’ intern at HOMTV, that is what I feel deeply.

Like every young people, who always struggling, and confusing about the future they are heading to, so am I. I’m not really sure if media is the right field for me, I’ve been struggling if I need to switch my major to business, or some other field. But after working on several assignment at HOMTV, I realized, the most meaningful job in the world is to impact the people, that is exactly what media does every day.

And also the passion, everybody in HOMTV has really impressive passion on their job, their goals, they affected each other, influence each other, and resonated the creativity atmosphere of HOMTV. That is why HOMTV people keep success all over America, even over sea.

I’m proud to work here, and I’m also proud to be a hommie.image1

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