Ambition is the First Step to Success

My first month at HOMtv…well…it’s been quite the experience. HOMtv, in just a month, has already taught me how much hard work goes into being a reporter, but I am thankful for that because its shown me that it is my true passion. “Ambition is the first step to success,” is a quote I can stand by at HOMtv because interning here has showed me how much ambition I really have to potentially become a successful reporter later in life.

Screen Shot 2015-06-27 at 2.34.47 PM

1795673_1631038707140917_7605302036991859156_nWhile being at HOMtv I have covered many stories and even have been on air much more than I expected I would be, which is a great thing! Even with all these great experiences, my absolute favorite experience so far while being at HOMtv was when I had the opportunity to not only meet, but interview, Michigan State basketball legend, Mateen Cleaves. I was nervous, anxious, and yet still so happy and excited about my Mateen Cleaves opportunity. Not only did I get the chance to build a PKG for my resume and HOMtv, but I also got to make and grow connections at the charity event. I am so thankful for HOMtv and these experiences because it’s keeping me busy, very busy, and helping me to continue to grow as a reporter.



And on top of all my experiences in the past month, to make the month even better, Mateen Cleaves retweeted my story for his 37K followers and wrote back to me! Check it out!>>>>>>>>>>>



Can’t blame me for my happiness can ya!?! So overall, I am keeping in mind that ambition is the key to success and HOMtv has showed me, so far, that my ambition really is my weaponry.

Until next time!!


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