Everyday I’m Jugglin

HOMTV is a lot of work but that being said I’m being tested on how to balance my time and priorities. I love it. I’m not very religious but if there was a higher power I’m pretty sure she is testing me pretty hard. I honestly don’t think I’m failing her test but more importantly I don’t feel behind at HOMTV (anymore). Here’s the a picture after we shot Meridian News Now with some of the other on-air staff. Big ups to Brandie for holding it down on the anchor throne x amount of weeks removed.


After a very stressful second week of work, I felt like everything was falling apart, from interviews to my wardrobe. The reason I say wardrobe is because I’m here roughly four to six days on a given week but I only have like four polo shirts and things I consider suitable for business casual. Six days and four appropriate shirts, someone is losing ground. For some strange reason my mind goes crazy if I wear the same shirt in the same week, that’s for the birds. So I think I’m going to be expanding my repertoire of shirts in the very near future to ease my fragile mind.

As far as balancing time goes, I have a lot going on. I’m here at HOMTV close to 30-35 hours a week (mainly because meetings just HAPPEN to be on my day shifts), but I’m not mad because the experience is valuable I work at radio station running the audio board during Detroit Tigers Baseball games throughout the week and I started learning the art of producing a sports radio show with David “Mad Dog” Demarco. He show is Monday through Friday 6am to 9am (my bed and I haven’t been as close lately, it thinks I’m sleeping with something else). Mad Dog is a character. He is very Italian from his slicked back balding head to the colloquialisms he spews out during his radio show. Nevertheless, still a hardworking guy to learn from, a brain to pick and he ALWAYS has a good story.

Referencing my last post, I host a four-hour hip-hop show at IMPAACT 89FM called “The Cultural Vibe”, or “The Vibe” for short. Every Saturday from 8pm to midnight C-Jax and myself (DJ Spenny is my on-air name incase you forgot) spin hot tracks and lay knowledge through the airwaves to the masses in the Lansing area. That’s my time to unwind, be myself and talk about the music that I love. I’ve sacrificed many of my weekends to be social and I don’t regret it at all. While a lot of other folks are indulging in libations with their buddies I’m working, employers will like that. Take notes.

I haven’t had much time to cook so no pictures this time around but I’ll make it up to you next you by making something from the Soprano’s cookbook I took from my dad’s house. Chicken Parm, maybe? SIKE! I made a pizza from scratch a couple weeks back but I will make some chicken parm.


Something that is a priority to me is playing hockey and not because all of the NHL scouts trying to get to sign but I appreciate my body. I’m a believer in health, nutrition and taking of myself. Yeah, I slipped up last week and had fast food more times than usual (normal is once every two months). With the exception of fast food I usually don’t consume processed foods often, your body will pay for it later. People think something that says all natural is good for them and sometimes that is the case but other times it’s a disguise to fool you. Just remember that Thiamin Hydrochloride and Propyl Gallate will never be in your spice rack so don’t eat foods with ingredients you can’t pronounce.

Health and exercise is important for many reasons:

  1. You don’t want to die too soon
  2. Bigger clothes cost more money
  3. You can establish good health in your genetics
  4. It keeps your mind at ease and kills stress.

The list goes on but those are some big reasons why I make exercise a big deal in my life. I try to aim for 3-4 active days a week. Try to aim for an hour or challenge yourself to do more.

I’ve finally found a good phrase to sum up how I feel when it comes to being extremely busy. I give you…good pressure. Good pressure is when you have many things to do and they are all tasks that will only better you. You feel the pressure to get them done yet you will have grown as a professional or person. Very simple feeling but it’s the best way to describe it.

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