Thoughts from the anchor chair, part 2

In case you missed my first thoughts from the anchor chair, here it is:

Now, here’s part two in my continuing series, thoughts from the anchor chair:

1) Why am I always dumb enough to look up at these lights when they turn them on? This reminds me of a song…

2) (From last May) At least my glasses cover up this cut that I have on my face…the computers here are sharper than they look…

3) I’ve got two bags to come up with a pun to toss to Richie with…I can do this

4) Wait…Brandie is wearing blue…I’m wearing yellow…and we’re both MSU grads. What’s wrong with this picture?

5) One of these days, I’m gonna roll off the side of the set by mistake, end up flat on my back and it will be the mother of all bloopers. I just feel it

6) Uh oh, I’m still on camera. Better start flipping through scripts instead of just staring creepily into the eyes of those in TV Land…

7) Why do I always get the stories involving food? Now I have to read one about BBQs? Hmm…steak sounds good right now…

8) Why the heck did I start to say “residents” instead of “renovations”? Those words don’t even look alike!

9) I’ve gotta find a way to segue into this next story that doesn’t sound like this:

10) Someday…I’m gonna end one of these broadcasts with “You Stay Classy, Meridian Township”

What have we learned here today?

1) That Aaron has many random thoughts when sitting in the anchor chair.

2) Computers are actually kind of sharp…especially when you hit your head on one when bending down to pick up the wallet you dropped…

3) Sometimes, you stumble over the simplest words

4) Anchoring is still a blast for me. Hope you tune in!

Even though I may not say this on the air, I will end this blog as I always do:

You stay classy, Meridian Township

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