Living At HOM Has Never Been Better

I just want to start by saying I love all of my loyal readers; you all are the best!
So this last month at HOM has been crazy busy, but so much fun I can’t believe it. I swear I spend so much time at HOM I really do think I live here
After almost a week of stalking, I finally managed to score a much needed interview with Okemos Superintendent Catherine Ash. She’s a pleasant person, but very hard to get in with and I felt more than accomplished when she squeezed me in at that last second of her busy week.
camille scores interview
I got a chance to shoot a bike fitting demo. That was really fun and I’m forever grateful for Sierra coming with me and helping me shoot the whole thing. If you haven’t watched it then well here it is!
camille bike demo
My first paid opportunity came by doing live cut-ins for Celebrate Downtown Okemos. It was such an honor and great learning experience; I loved every second.
caille celebrates downtown okemos part 2
I also managed a trip to the urgent care with a nasty throat infection, but hey it all come with the territory and I’m feeling soooo much better now
camille got sick that one time
As all of you know by now I just LOVE (seriously I love them so much) the Meridian Fire Department and although I didn’t get much of a chance to work with them over the course of the month, I have a new project I’ll be working on that means I’ll be back spending quality time with our dedicated fire team. You’ll have to keep up with me on Twitter and Facebook to find out what it is.
Which reminds me, I also hosted this month’s episode Beyond the Badge so make sure you watch this edition. Pure Bliss I tell you.
So yeah I’m having a great time I almost don’t want to leave, almost!.
This semester is flying by and it makes my heart so sad. I love seeing Brandie, Darkus, Deb, Andrea, Coty, and Brandon and of course my fellow interns all the time.
With that being said, I need to get my life in order an apply for jobs. I finally feel like I have enough good material to show news directors. My goal is to have my first application out by August 1st . It’s exciting and heart breaking all at once. But I’ll save my sappy post for my final blog, whenever that may be. Until then I’ll continue to enjoy the luxuries of being at HOM.
Wish me luck on my job hunt!
Until next time,
With Love,
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