Routine can be addictive

I find that I have gotten into a bit of a groove:  I do my work, I do something active, I relax, and then I sleep.  Oh yea, I eat and use the bathroom

I suppose this is a good thing.  It is a little new to me though.  Not the eating and the bathroom parts, but the routine is something I have not felt since my days in elementary school.  A structured, obedient lifestyle but, this time, not ordered from the parents, but designated by the child.  That child being me, and that child now being an adult.

chris ryan

The age of maturity

I’m not sure if I like the idea, but this lifestyle brings somewhat of a  calmness and certainty in each day.

In my life, I find that I have almost sought discomfort as opposed to comfort.  Making things tougher on myself to add pressure and make life exciting, may just be a thing of the past.  At one point or another, these random intervals of unneeded pressure can make one tired of the fight, and give in to adulthood.  Not to say that giving in equates to becoming an adult, but possibly to being wise enough to know there is no need to fight.

It is late. I am rambling, but hopefully this made some sort of sense.  If not, just blame it on my age. I am getting up there.

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