Being a Meridian Township Celebrity is Hard.

My hand is cramping from all the autographs. I better not see any of those on eBay.

I’m rapidly approaching a calendar year working at this lovely station, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the highlight of the past month: Hannah and I moving up to paid intern status.


Accurate representation of Richie’s bank account. Those are chocolate coins.

This is where the celebrity lie comes in..

Responsibilities remain largely the same, expectations just grow larger. Camille and the crew (which I think I’ll petition for its new working title) welcomed me to my new job with the first taping of Beyond the Badge. It went as well as any first taping of a show has. There’s still a lot to learn about making a crew sheet-working around schedules that change as quickly as our assignment sheets.

Otherwise, I’m thoroughly thrilled to shoot a football game or a park story without the camera freezing to the tripod or the tripod freezing to the ground. Don’t get me wrong, I love East Lansing and Meridian. I also love temperatures over 50 degrees and not having on five layers of clothing while a lug around 30 pounds of equipment. It’s my first summer staying up near the capital, and I’m learning that mosquitos are the spawn of satan and I miss the cold that drove them away.

Oh, and the job search is beginning. As much as I’d love to stay at HOMtv until I’m 65, I don’t think their pension plans are enough for me to support myself. I’m not banking on social security. So if any of the thousands who read our blog are just begging for another reporter, Richie’s hours are flexible. Also filling out individual applications for each website is mind-numbing and arthritis-inducing. Although I internally thank this place each day for allowing me to put fancy words like ‘director’, ‘leader’, and ‘producer’ on my resume and slowly feel more confident about the words i write down.

Speaking of those, I felt we crushed last Thursday’s News Now. And if I wrote this blog on time you’d know that I’m referring to April’s hosting of News Now in the first week of July. Not that Itinease didn’t crush it, because I’m sure she did. I just wasn’t there, so it doesn’t count. Sorry Itinease. You have to do it again. For the first time since I’ve started directing and technical directing the live Thursday show, I thought we ran through it incredible cleanly. Everyone set up together (crushing it, Abbey, Zach, and Brandon), April had scripts done and everyone ran smoothly. Scripts printed, everyone. With our new, fancy printer.

I honestly, truly, never thought I’d be happy about a printer. I think I’m getting old.


I rode a horse. I later fell off a horse.

Reporting sports is still, you know, happening. I’m having trouble setting facial reactions that don’t reveal I’m reading off a teleprompter. I still think radio’s more my speed. It saves the viewer for having to…well…view me. One day I’ll harass Brandie for hosting a show. Once I think I’m good enough to earn it.

Oh and if you missed my smiling face, I went to Mackinac Island and rode horses. Then I ate more fudge than I think they made on the island while I was there.

But don’t worry, I’m back. Here for you. Hold your applause.


About Richie Cozzolino

Riccardo (Richie) Cozzolino is a Michigan State University graduate with a Journalism degree and a specialization in broadcasting. He is from the Metro Detroit area and graduated from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School in 2011. His love of Detroit sports (and sports of all kinds) sparked his interest in sports journalism. He is looking for jobs in sports broadcasting, especially in radio. Hobbies include learning and eating.
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