Hello, My Name is Siobhan and I am with HOMTV in Meridian Township.

This is how I start every phone call to a possible interview. One positive from this internship is that I have become a professional at sounding professional. Another thing I’ve become better at is getting interviews for stories, which sometimes finding a person to interview that is available isn’t an easy task! A few months ago there was a saying that became popular that was “do it for the vine” and I’ve recreated that and every time I’m finding someone to interview I say in my head “do it for the SOT.”

I love working on promos. Thinking creatively is something I can do and enjoy doing. I still have a lot of improvements to make on my skills at motion, but my skills are improving.


My latest promo is for HOMTV media sponsorship, and I had an idea to do a time lapse drawing with words and inserted pictures from previous events. It actually turned out pretty well and came together nicely. Which is kind of funny, because while shooting it I got really frustrated and wanted to go with a different idea (mostly because I have horrible handwriting and the entire thing was words written out.) I’m really glad I didn’t give up on the idea, though. It kind of proved to me that if something is really hard to accomplish and requires a lot of patience, it’s probably worth doing it.

I am excited to start the group promo, and to see what ideas we come up with!


Siobhan from HOMTV

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