Episode 3: The Story Continues

Hello again, friends!

After a week off camping at the Fort Custer State Park down near Battle Creek and (blegh) Kalamazoo, I’ve returned just in time to make my third blog post! You can’t plan this stuff. (Well, okay, you can, and I did, but that’s not the point.)

So, what all have I been up to at HOMTV since my last blog? More of the same sort of stuff, actually. Lots of promos (my favorite being this one, about canoeing and kayaking on the Red Cedar River), and VOSOTVO’s (of varying success.)

I did get assigned my second PKG, about training facilities for the Meridian Township Fire Department. You can see my story here, even though it hasn’t made it to air yet (apparently we’re having issues with the switcher at the station, so Beyond the Badge is going to be rescheduled).

Other than that, I’ve been starting to get going with my competencies. I’ve gotten a few of them signed off so far, and I’ve got stuff filmed and edited for some of the other ones. I’m probably going to sit down on Thursday next week, dig them all up, and get a bunch of them signed off then. Then all I’ll really have to worry about is getting my 3-second shot and audio, and I’ll be golden!

Oh, before I left to go camping I had my individual critique with Brandy. She gave me some tips to improve my stories, but was overall pleased with how my stuff has been turning out. We talked about whether or not I’d come back next semester if invited, but commuting to and from Mount Pleasant while taking classes, participating in my co-curricular, and working is probably not in the cards.

As a little side note, I’ve sorta decided I like blogging. It’s kind of fun. After I post my last HOMTV blog, I’ll probably start up a new one. And I think I already know how it’s going to start…

Until next time,

Brandon “Flash” Craigie

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