I feel like tripod F

Hi Friends,

So remember about 3 weeks ago in my last blog I loved life??? Well that’s not the case anymore; this month has been the complete opposite….

Meet Tripod F!

tripod f

As you can see tripod isn’t in a bag. So It cannot be carried like this….

camille carrying equipment

Now, I have not the slightest  idea what in the world happened to Tripod F’s bag, but for this story I’ll just say; somehow along the way after being dragged from story to story Tripod F lost it’s bag. With no bag it has become even more difficult (at least for me) to carry around. So instead of being checked out all the time, Tripod F and it’s camera, have to lay low in the control room and literally only be dragged out on a story when absolutely necessary. Tripod F’s bag is my motivation to check it out and take it places; now that motivation is gone and I just avoid using it at all cost.


tripod f

One day I woke up and my motivation was gone. (Actually I think I cried all my  motivation out on my bedroom floor…) Either way now I have to drag myself to every story with no bag to carry myself in. Recently I’ve just tried to lay low and only work on my stories at the last possible second. Which is a huge problem because during my last critique with Brandie we agreed I’m currently at a standstill which isn’t, and never was, or will be my goal in life.  I even had to pick my own three-part-series to work on and so far I’ve hated every minute of it.

The only difference between me and Tripod F (besides the fact I’m a living breathing human) Is that I know what happened to my bag/motivation/whatever, (well kinda.)

TIME! I just don’t have enough time anymore. Working two jobs and trying to finish this internship has been so draining.  SEVEN DAYS A WEEK; I’m either at work or HOMTV and some days both! I never ever get time to myself, or even time to sleep really.

seeping beauty

So now I have to ask myself; Do I really want to do this for a living? Can I really be a reporter? Am I cut out for this? I just want to work for 60 Minutes, why is this so hard?

60 minuttes


Maybe I should talk to the Fire Chief and become a Firewoman like he suggested?


Speaking of the Fire Department this is the perfect time to tell you what I’ve been working on…..

I’ll be joining the Meridian Fire Department at their golf outing in order to raise money for the Muscular Dystrophy Association! It should be a fun time as long as I don’t have to golf, but that might actually make a really cool stand up so maybe I’ll try it.




Also I will be hosting the August edition of Beyond the Badge! You can follow me on Facebook and Twitter to find out when that will be available for your viewing pleasure.


Meanwhile, I’m looking for a reporter to job shadow! So if you know someone who will let me stalk them at work for a day please shoot me an email.

That’s not everything I’m working on, but that’s all I’ll share for now…


So needless to say my job search has come to a halt! I’m hoping to begin looking again after August 20th,  but for now I’m just looking at vacation destinations…..



Maybe in the meantime I’ll somehow learn time management so I can take a Yoga class to relieve some stress. ***FYI: Boyfriend when you read this, sign me up for a yoga class, please and thanks! *** 🙂


Okay, I’m done. You’ll have to read next month’s blog to find out if I still want to be a reporter, if I get to take that yoga class, and ultimately how the semester ends for me. I will say things are looking up and I’m feeling more hopeful than I was last week.

Well until next time…

With Love,





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