Put it on ice, but don’t slip

All Access Sports has been put on hiatus the past couple weeks so my time at HOMTV has dwindled. The title of my blog post last month, “Routine can be addictive”, is a mere memory.

Learning to navigate life in these times is a challenge.  Spending time at its highest efficiency is not easy when it is not routine.  Reflecting on my last blog post, I must form a new habit to make time for HOMTV, even when my duties are less.

To form a new habit, do something once, repeat it, repeat again, and soon it comes natural.

Tomorrow I plan to spend most of my day in the beautiful intern room, working on various projects to get myself into a groove.  The seed to start a new habit will be planted, then it will be my job to create the habit.

Great people before me have spoken these words.

Great people before me have told of this philosophy.

I’ve learned that Motivation only goes so far.  Motivation is fickle.  Motivation can lead us one place just before it takes us to another, and soon the realization comes that nothing has been accomplished.

What am I talking about?

For example, at the beginning of each new year, you may head into your local gym and find that the walls are packed with people motivated on changing their lifestyles.  You may head to that same gym a few weeks later and find that many of those people are now gone.  It’s because they did not form habits.  Working out is not always convenient, and when one has to make time for it, often one will rely on motivation to get there because a habit has not yet formed.

There is a small group of people who you will see at the beginning of the new year and that following month.  It’s because these people go just about every day.  For these people, going or not going to the gym is no longer a question.  Motivation out the window, habit takes them there.

Like I’ve previously stated in recent blog posts, JUST DO IT is my new attitude.  Want to give me some free Lebrons, Nike?  Are you not reading, Nike? Oh.  Darn.

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