Richie’s List of Being Happy Forever. Probably.

Evening y’all.

I’m channeling my inner buzzfeed tonight. With the switcher falling apart and the general technical issues surrounding our lovely lil station, I’ve wanted to my list I’ve made to myself in the past year. I got into journalism around 2013, after years of trying to understand what my career path was going to be. More than anything, I was scared of getting into a job that wouldn’t let me see the world, wouldn’t allow me to work my very hardest and enjoy what I do. Too many people I knew growing up weren’t pleased with their profession, told me there’s enjoying your day and there’s going to work.

Finding it absurd that nobody in the USA enjoys what they do, I decided to throw caution to the wind and my savings account and go into this profession. No, I still haven’t had a bad day at work, and no, I don’t plan to. So this list is in honor of, yes work may be hard and frustrating some days. But HOMTV is a part of my life now.

But if I ever do hate work, I’ve made a list of 5 things I want to get out of my life. Out of my job. And I plan on keeping this for a long time. You’re welcome. I’m going to add some cute dog pictures on the side in case you’re bored while you read this.


if you’re asking why there are dog pictures in Richie’s post about work, then you aren’t reading. Thanks a lot.

5) Make a Difference.- I initially believed if I went into journalism, I wouldn’t be contributing in a positive way to society. Architects build buildings, make things. Government workers pass laws that affect millions. Erroneously, I thought reporters just told the public what others are doing with their lives and how it affected them. They never actually made news themselves.

Of course, that’s ridiculous. We shape society as much as anyone else. We tell the stories, we (maybe not always well intentioned) put spin on news and give the public information on what’s happening in their world. Plus, we get to see and do everything. Being a reporter is like getting a backstage pass to life. Which leads me to my next point.

4) Be Excited To Wake Up.- Yeah, it sounds silly. Ever have that day when you can’t fall asleep because tomorrow is going to kick butt? I want to have that feeling regularly. In my short time in this field I’ve covered a top 10 NCAA football team, interviewed state representatives, almost dangerously hurt myself at a pump track, and covered events from ribbon cuttings to christmas charity events. Every day I’m excited to do my job.


This is a corgi.

3) Be Okay With Being Afraid. – I can be introverted and quiet at times (shocking), and approaching strangers on the street with a video camera can be intimidating. But half of life is being scared. In tandem with directing a live show, the adrenaline rush is part of what makes this profession so fun. In line with ‘do one thing every day that scares you’ is a great way to find out about things that you never realized you enjoyed about this world.

For most ‘doing something that scares you’ means going on a roller coaster or getting married. For me that means doing man on the street or interviewing a high-ranking official. And roller coasters. Maybe my threshold for fear is lower than most. But that doesn’t mean I want an office job where I come in at 9, leave at 5, and see the sun twice a day when I get into my car.

2) Learn How to do Everything, In Case They Need You To.- Doing this internship for both production and reporting does in fact drive me crazy sometimes. There’s just so much to know. At the same time, being valuable at a company is, well, invaluable. With a heavy set of reporters in the summer months, production interns run at a premium. I’ll always consider myself a reporter, but in case HOMTV ever needs an intern to do anything, I’m glad I can be called upon.

In the future with bigger companies I understand this just won’t work, but when it comes to job duties I still enjoy learning new things about this profession. Another reason I’m in this field of work was the mystery and intrigue behind broadcasting. People often don’t see what happens behind the camera, how much work a simple five second shot of a tv show or an interview is. So it’s my pledge to always know how to work all aspects of this job.

Or at the very least, know how to contact someone who does.


1) Have Fun. Every Day.- Goes without saying. Seriously, why do something if you’re not enjoying it? I’ve worked customer service, I know the hardship of a minimum wage job starting at 6:30am and the pain you feel getting out at midnight. I know exactly what it’s like to hate your job, and I know the difference to love it.

If HOMTV, if this field isn’t where you want to be, the next step towards your dream job starts today. I know I lucked into one of the most incredible professions a person can have. Those who work in the same field as me can be in Japan one day, Florida another and meeting people from the president to Usain Bolt.

What a feeling it is to love what you do, and I know only the very best can achieve what I want to be.

I guess I better get started.


About Richie Cozzolino

Riccardo (Richie) Cozzolino is a Michigan State University graduate with a Journalism degree and a specialization in broadcasting. He is from the Metro Detroit area and graduated from the University of Detroit Jesuit High School in 2011. His love of Detroit sports (and sports of all kinds) sparked his interest in sports journalism. He is looking for jobs in sports broadcasting, especially in radio. Hobbies include learning and eating.
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