Every New Journey Begins With One Step

Wow! What a summer this has been, and today once again reminded me why I’m here.

HOMTV Selfie 8.17.15Today, I did my first LIVE  report in studio, and boy, what a rush! Now, that might not sound so exciting at first, but it really had a different feel than reporting in the field or doing a stand-up in a package. First of all, I loved using the teleprompter. I felt more professional and confident, because I actually looked like I knew what I was talking about instead of relying on note cards. Second, it was great seeing what it’s like to be on the other side of the desk during a live show. Usually, I’m behind the scenes helping set-up, operating the camera, working audio, etc.

Now, let’s think about this – so many people go to work miserable, wishing the day would end before it even started. Why live life that way? Why not make a change? That’s what I did. Yup, I’m a 25-year-old intern. At first, I kind of felt bad about it. I mean, 25 years old? Who does that? I thought I’d have my life figured out by now. At least, all my friends on Facebook seem to. I always see posts about cool careers and engagements in my news feed. Then, someone posted something that looked like this:  Facebook Quote

This couldn’t be more true. I needed to stop comparing my life journey to others’. That was their journey, not mine. I’m destined to do something different. I may be a 25-year-old intern, but thanks to HOMTV I’m on the right path.

They say every journey begins by taking that first step. Well, my rookie semester was that first step… and while this semester comes to an end, it won’t be the end for me.    HOMTV Picture 8.17.15

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