Is today really my last day?

Hey! It’s me again, I felt like I was just sitting down to write my July blog post. Here I am about to have my last day at HOMTV.

I can’t believe the month of August has flown by so fast, and like every other month of this internship I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge.

I’ve enjoyed getting more comfortable with technical directing and directing shows, even with the technical difficulties.

It is crazy to me that in a few weeks there will be a whole new group of rookies at HOMTV that will be starting this whole experience. I am not working at HOMTV this fall, but if I was I wish I could tell them all on their first week that “it’s okay, you’ll get the hang of it.” Because I remember feeling so overwhelmed during my first week.

I have loved working with everyone at HOMTV, and can’t wait to see where everyone ends up in their careers. I also am excited to see where my career will take me! I just want to thank everyone on staff and all of the other interns for helping me grow and succeed this semester, there are so many great people at HOMTV.

HOMTV has taught me patience, focus, and I’m glad that I really dedicated myself to the internship this summer because I got a lot out of it.

Looking forward to watching out for promos/stories/social media posts from HOMTV in the future to see how it’s going!



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