There’s HOME and then there’s HOM.

Joe web

This is probably one of the better pictures I’ve taken.

After you get past that shiny part on my head and my uncertain, socially awkward smile, it’s a very professional, sophisticated picture right?

My name is Joe Starr and I’m a Production intern at HOMTV and boy am I glad to be here.

Born and raised in Grand Ledge and being a GLHS Graduate of 2011, I was ready to spread my wings and fly away to a new place…
Okay, I didn’t fly far, seeing as my wings took me to Kalamazoo where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film, Video and Media Studies at Western Michigan University.
I whole heartedly embraced and cherished my time at WMU and I value everything that I’ve learned there.

So fast forward four years and you’ll find me sitting in my parent’s living room, back in Grand Ledge in the middle of July looking at the online posting for an intern with Meridian Township.
The position would require me to move back home, but what else did I have going on?
I was working a part-time job in food service and I felt that I was beginning to grow tired of my living situation.

So here I am.

I don’t consider this internship an “internship.” It’s executed and structured like a job… Which I think is awesome and will greatly benefit me in the future, as it has with the people who have gone before me at the HOMTV internship program.
Some of HOMTV’s alumni live and work in large cities for very notable corporations like the Walt Disney Company or the Speed Network.

I’ve had previous classes and internship-type experiences that weren’t structured like this at all, so I think it’ll be good to finally start getting in the habit of having a professional responsibility to an organization.

Once we got started with the program, we hit the ground running. There was so much information to digest.
I’m serious.
So. Much. Information.

In the past three weeks that I’ve been here at HOMTV, I’ve left multiple times worrying about how I was going to complete projects or continue further in the program.
However, these fears and insecurities were always remedied with a quick pep talk by our internship coordinator Brandie, who I’ve already noted myself to talk to whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed.

In the many things that we’ve learned, I’m really excited to edit raw footage on Final Cut Pro and learn the different camera techniques in a news production format. I’m really looking forward to working on live productions and strengthening my skills in audio, directing and being technical director. One thing that I can already think of that is going to require a lot of practice is learning how to use our video storage unit, FibreJet.

Actually, there are two things I’m going to need to practice… FibreJet and the switcher…

And practicing my 3 second shot…

Ok, so I’m going to need A LOT of practice with these three things alone, along with other skills that I haven’t quite gotten down yet… but that’s what the internship is for, learning, correcting mistakes and growing in your field.

So yes, the title of this blog posting is not a typo but a very interesting comparison between the two…
Home is Grand Ledge, where my family and friends reside and where I first started understanding that my passion is for film and television production…
And HOM is pretty much the same thing but my my friends will become my family and I can continue to thrive and grow in a positive media production environment.

It’s on my bucket list to win an award for doing any kind of film or television production and I really think that HOMTV can help me get there.


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