The HOM Away From Home

Let’s start by going back to how I stumbled upon HOMTV. It was November 2014 in the midst of one of my long 3 hour night classes. Our teacher dismissed for our 15 minute break and instead of going to get a drink of water or using the rest room I typed in ‘reporting internships in Michigan’ on my computer. Applying early for a summer internship was heavy on my mind. To my surprise, HOM TV popped up and I felt like I discovered a hidden treasure. I was already in an internship with the American Heart Association, but I was ready to get a hands on experience in front of the camera.

I’m always a person that plans ahead for my life and career. Once I got home, I knew this was the place I had to go. The next day I was excited to go to my internship at AHA and speak to my boss about HOMTV. Her eyes lit up and she screamed, “Bria, I interned there in college!” From that point I knew I had to apply for the reporting position. Internships accepting summer interns for the following year usually have a deadline of March or April. I applied in December, almost 3 months before the deadline. I was hopeful that I would get the internship if it was meant for me.

Bria and Communications Director of the Southeast American Heart Association, Melissa Thrasher

Bria and Communications Director of the American Heart Association Southeast Michigan, Melissa Thrasher

Fast forward to April and I was getting a call to interview with the internship coordinator for the reporting internship. I was ecstatic. I drove up to Okemos the next week and had my interview. During the interview, my stomach was on the floor. I thought I bombed the whole thing. Nevertheless, I got an acceptance email two weeks later and couldn’t believe it. However, the happy ending doesn’t end there.

With my senior year almost done, my summer semester would be packed with three classes. I didn’t know how I was going to balance my rigorous schedule on top of HOMTV’s schedule. I still wanted the experience and credit for my university. I called and spoke with Brandie (Internship Coordinator) told her my situation and asked if my internship could be delayed until the fall when I would be able to make proper accommodations.

Bria with her dad and mom, DeWayne and Ruby

Bria with her parents DeWayne and Ruby

My parents assured me that HOMTV would allow me to delay the internship and not to worry. I didn’t believe them and thought the worst for no reason. Sure enough the next day I received a phone call from Brandie accepting the delay and to contact her in early July to get everything ready for the fall.

Bria Brown, Rookie, Reporting Track

Bria Brown Reporting Intern


I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since my internship started. The staff at HOMTV has been nothing but open arms. I find myself getting here early and staying here late, even on days I’m not scheduled. It’s been a lot of work for sure, but our Rookie group is taking it like the champs we are. The “Rookies” have already become a family. We’re always laughing or thinking of ways to help each other get the job done. I can already tell a difference in the way I shoot, edit and report stories in this short period of time. I can’t wait to see my growth within the next couple months!

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One Response to The HOM Away From Home

  1. Welcome to HOMTV! We love having you here and are excited to help mentor you on your career path. Today, I went back into the studio to do an interview after being off air for 57 weeks! You’d be interested to know that my last interview was with the AHA and my interview today that got me back in the saddle was with AHA! Ironic huh?! I bet melissa is great cause everyone I meet who works with the AHA are fantastic! Thanks for the blog. It was great getting to know you more and stop in and say hello anytime.

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