First Promo on Air

So I finally managed to complete my first promo/ commercial/ PSA/ whatchamacallit earlier this week.  I say “finally” because most of my progress lately has come at the pace of molasses, but I digress.  This promo is intended to inform Meridian Township residents about the proper place to wash their car (their lawn, not their driveway.)  They’re supposed to wash their car on their lawn because of the waste water – which can contain oil and grease from the car as well as whatever cleaning solution was used – will flow down their driveways and into storm drains.  For those uninitiated – Spoilers!! – the drains lead to the public water supply.  Naturally the water works people would like to prevent any extraneous contamination before trusting that the plant can strain it out.  Hence the PSA.

The thing about how I filmed this was that I couldn’t get access to a suburban home.  I wound up filming at a house that is in the middle the country, with a giant front lawn, surrounded by trees, and its obvious just by looking at it that there isn’t a storm drain for miles.  Not really the where the target demographic for the promo lives.  Ultimately I did it that way because I didn’t want to just go to some house, film there without permission, drive on their lawn, and, much more importantly, risk getting caught.  Nor did I decide to call a suburb office or real estate and ask if I could film at one of their houses.   And drive on the lawn.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s really nothing wrong with the promo.  Its just that whenever anyone makes anything, that person will forever always see what they substituted over what they actually wanted.  I’d like to say that maybe I’d do another version, but… meh.

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