HOMTV is the Meridian Township Government Television station located in Okemos, Michigan.

HOMTV is Meridian Township’s award-winning government channel housed inside the Meridian Township Municipal Building. We broadcast exclusive gavel to gavel coverage of township meetings and community news on Comcast analog Cable Channel 21 and Comcast digital Channel 915. Our programs are also streamed live and archived on this website in the Watch HOMTV section.

HOMTV is also nationally recognized for its election coverage. We provide live election night coverage, candidate interviews, profiles, ballot proposal and millage information and live call in candidate debates. Everyone on staff works hard to bring this coverage to residents so they can make an informed and better educated decision at the polls.

HOMTV is funded through cable franchise fees. When a video provider used the public rights of way to deliver a video signal to the residents, they are required to pay the township a franchise fee. The monies collected from such use are allocated to provide information programming to the public. In Meridian Township, the franchise agreement between Comcast and Meridian Township allows 9 Public, Educational, and Government Access Channels.


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