A Wonderful Adventure

I can’t believe today is my last day at HOMTV. Working at HOMT is a wonderful adventure of my life.

At the beginning, I know nothing about TV industry. Since I am major in advertising, I have no idea about working in a TV industry. I learned lots of new things for working at HOMTV. The biggest problem was using the camera. I’ve never use the camera to film video before, so it’s really difficult for me. It took me long time to learn and familiar to the camera. When I first time went out and shot footage by myself, I was really excited, because I felt like I know a new skill. Right now, I can operate camera very well, and I’m so thankful to have this experience.

Time goes by fast, this week is the last week, and we had our last show, last meeting, and last promo. Also, it’s time to say goodbye…

I never thought I could work in a TV industry before I had this internship. My career goal was to work in an ad agency or PR agency, and I think TV industry is not my field. Since I started my internship at HOMTV, my thought has been changed. Now, I think working at a TV industry is really cool. It’s exciting to watch my promotion on television and be a crew for shows. This internship at HOMTV gives me one more choice and possible for my further career.

Last but not least, I want to say “Thank You” to everyone at HOMTV. Thanks for helping grow.


Best Wishes,


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Is today really my last day?

Hey! It’s me again, I felt like I was just sitting down to write my July blog post. Here I am about to have my last day at HOMTV.

I can’t believe the month of August has flown by so fast, and like every other month of this internship I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge.

I’ve enjoyed getting more comfortable with technical directing and directing shows, even with the technical difficulties.

It is crazy to me that in a few weeks there will be a whole new group of rookies at HOMTV that will be starting this whole experience. I am not working at HOMTV this fall, but if I was I wish I could tell them all on their first week that “it’s okay, you’ll get the hang of it.” Because I remember feeling so overwhelmed during my first week.

I have loved working with everyone at HOMTV, and can’t wait to see where everyone ends up in their careers. I also am excited to see where my career will take me! I just want to thank everyone on staff and all of the other interns for helping me grow and succeed this semester, there are so many great people at HOMTV.

HOMTV has taught me patience, focus, and I’m glad that I really dedicated myself to the internship this summer because I got a lot out of it.

Looking forward to watching out for promos/stories/social media posts from HOMTV in the future to see how it’s going!



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Every New Journey Begins With One Step

Wow! What a summer this has been, and today once again reminded me why I’m here.

HOMTV Selfie 8.17.15Today, I did my first LIVE  report in studio, and boy, what a rush! Now, that might not sound so exciting at first, but it really had a different feel than reporting in the field or doing a stand-up in a package. First of all, I loved using the teleprompter. I felt more professional and confident, because I actually looked like I knew what I was talking about instead of relying on note cards. Second, it was great seeing what it’s like to be on the other side of the desk during a live show. Usually, I’m behind the scenes helping set-up, operating the camera, working audio, etc.

Now, let’s think about this – so many people go to work miserable, wishing the day would end before it even started. Why live life that way? Why not make a change? That’s what I did. Yup, I’m a 25-year-old intern. At first, I kind of felt bad about it. I mean, 25 years old? Who does that? I thought I’d have my life figured out by now. At least, all my friends on Facebook seem to. I always see posts about cool careers and engagements in my news feed. Then, someone posted something that looked like this:  Facebook Quote

This couldn’t be more true. I needed to stop comparing my life journey to others’. That was their journey, not mine. I’m destined to do something different. I may be a 25-year-old intern, but thanks to HOMTV I’m on the right path.

They say every journey begins by taking that first step. Well, my rookie semester was that first step… and while this semester comes to an end, it won’t be the end for me.    HOMTV Picture 8.17.15

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Season Finale: So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish

Choose your own background music:

Into the West (Lord of the Rings)

Carry on Wayward Son (Supernatural Season Finale Opener)

Finale (from the Broadway musical In the Heights)

Horrible Credits (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog)

Well. As I write this blog, I’ve only got four days left at HOMtv. Four days, that include one episode of Meridian News Now, one Township Board meeting, one interview, one day of promo filming, and a whole lotta editing. Man, it really seems like just yesterday I was stressing out about trying to do stories while learning the procedure for meetings and completing my exams, and now it’s practically over.

I’ve gotta say, I have learned a LOT in the past three months at HOMtv. How to shoot, edit, and write a news story, what goes into a live news show, how to deal with equipment issues (including equipment reservations not being followed), and so much more.

I’m currently working on my Community Connection piece, which focuses on the owner of the Purple Carrot food truck and Red Haven restaurant; I’m really excited, and I think it’s going to come out really nice. Also, Shiv, Kendall, Bonnie, and I have been working really hard on our group promo. We’ve gotta reshoot on Monday because there were some things that didn’t pass inspection, but I think we’re going to be fine.

You know, now that the time to leave is here, I’m not really sure how to feel. I’m excited to be heading back to CMU, but it kinda sucks to leave HOMtv behind. But, I won’t be saying ‘goodbye’ when I go. Never say goodbye. If you don’t say goodbye, then you aren’t really gone. You… just aren’t here right now.

I’m really glad to have had this experience. I met so many awesome people and learned so much, and it’s just been really awesome. To all of my HOMies, thank you.

And before I go, I just want to tell you, you were fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. And d’you know what? So was I!

I’ve regenerated! You can keep up with all my new blogging nonsense over here.

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Just Keep Swimming

Another month has passed and my life at HOMTV has gotten crazy.

Everything that was once going so smoothly kind of came to a halt. From the switcher going nuts which lead to show cancellation, my crazy personal life, I feel like I haven’t been all the way there.

I always forget what it’s life to have a job outside of HOMTV until i get right in the middle of the semester and realize what a challenge it is to keep up with both. As a bartender full time (50 plus hours weekly) and a HOMie part time and taking an online summer course, balancing my life while getting sleep has been pretty difficult. But nevertheless, this has taught me to push through and persevere.

Whether I like it or not, HOMTV always teaches me these valuable life lessons that I will carry with forever. People aren’t always going to answer when you need an interview, or equipment may be faulty at times. Or, you just may seem like you have way more on your plate than you can handle. Things aren’t always going to be perfect, but the way you come out of it measures your will and determination.

I’m trying my best to finish this semester strong! I’ll keep you guys updated with how it goes.

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Once a hommie always a hommie

Since I have been working on the press kit from last year, I input many effort and thoughts into it, I hope it could impress people who receive it. It gives me some hard time, but I believe hard work brings great pleasure, I like this project, I will try my best to make it a great one!

My internship as Promotion Junior in HOMTV only has two weeks left, HOMTV sparkled my life in these three month, although internship ended, the memory, and also the experience I earned here will last forever. No matter where I go, I will always remember HOMTV is the home that I completed my first growth.


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“You will not be filing papers and making coffee”

I realized something today as I saw a post about Star Wars while I was scrolling through social media. HOMTV interns are kind of like Luke Skywalker! Now, stay with me here. I don’t claim to be an expert on Star Wars, but I have watched my fair share of it. If you really think about it, Luke is an intern in essence. He knew nothing about being a Jedi, but under the mentorship and leadership of Obi-Wan Kenobi he became great! I know the circumstances are a little different between Jedi training and interning, but in order to be successful and truly understand the industry you’re interning in, you need hands on exerience. This is why HOMTV interns are similar to Luke Skywalker.


I first heard about this internship at a career fair at MSU. One thing I distinctly remember hearing Brandie say was, “you will not be filing papers and making coffee”. Well, she was absolutely correct. I came into this internship with literally no knowledge or experience about PR, broadcasting, or using social media effectively for branding purposes. I feel confident enough to say that I now have a very strong foundation in each of these. There were times I questioned what I was doing? Should I be given this assignment? What if I mess it up? How do I know if I’m doing this correctly? Given all of this, HOMTV has pushed me to learn new and valuable skills that I will carry with me in my professional career. It’s nice to know that I’ve found HOM. May the force be with you.

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